Products Offered

GE Air-Conditioners

Like all GE appliances, our air-conditioners offer the ultimate in energy-efficient systems, with GE quality, reliability and innovation as standard features! Choose from a range of 5 and 3 star energy-efficient air-conditioners - each...

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GE Refrigerators

Which refrigerator is right for you? From our luxury GE Monogram line, to the stylish GE Profile™ series, to our timeless GE brand−we have the appliance to fit your home and lifestyle perfectly. Discover the latest leaps in innovation!

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GE Washing Machines

GE offers a wide choice of washers, dryers and washer-dryer combos. All with great capacity, durability and ease-of-use. Plus, just like every GE product, you get the highest standards of quality, performance, and reliability.

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