GE Refrigerators

Which refrigerator is right for you? From our luxury GE Monogram line, to the stylish GE Profile™ series, to our timeless GE brand−we have the appliance to fit your home and lifestyle perfectly. Discover the latest leaps in innovation!

French Door Series



Auto Clean

ClimateKeeper™ system
Through precise digital controls, electronic sensors and a multi-flow air tower, the ClimateKeeper™ system manages temperatures with higher humidity in the fresh food compartment to keep foods garden fresh longer.


Refreshment Centre
Provides easy external access to foods and drinks stored inside the refrigerator door

4 Way

External electronic controlTouch Control This handy feature enables you to control all the functions of the refrigerator – including the temperature settings – without opening the doors. Saves energy and is so easy to operate.

Jet Cool

TurboCool™ technology
Quickly cools back down to the set temperature when the door has been open for an extended time or when hot foods have been placed inside.

Auto Resta

FrostGuard™ technology
Monitors door openings to calculate when it’s necessary to defrost. Also activates a pre-chill function to lower the freezer temperature prior to the defrost cycle.

Lytic Enzyme

Climate Control Drawer with CustomCool™ technology
Featured with Express Chill, Express Thaw and Select Temp functions: Chills in minutes, thaws in hours and helps keep foods fresher, longer. For added convenience, it opens fully to allow easy access.

Silver Ion Filter

Humidity-controlled vegetable/ fruits compartments and sealed snack pans
Help to preserve the freshness of foods, keeping their flavour longer and preserving vitamins, minerals and other nutrients..

Anion Function

ShelfSaver beverage rack
Provides convenient storage and easy access for canned drinks, egg cartons, wine bottles, even casserole dishes.

Anion Function

Multi-level Slide'n Store™ freezer drawers
In the freezer compartment there are 3 full extension drawers for easy access to all frozen food items. Stainless steel trim


Adjustable humidity crispers
Provides the ideal storage environment, keeping fruits & vegetables crisp and fresh

Blue Fin

Adjustable temperature deli drawer Provides a temperature-controlled, easy access environment for fresh foods.

Sleep Mode

Integrated Ice™ system
Designed to supply you with plenty of ice, while giving you more room to store your favourite fresh foods.

24 Hour

UltraFlow 100
Quench your thirst by dispensing a Jug of water, 3 lt capacity, in just 1 minute.

Health Function

PreciseFill technology
Just select the desired measurement and let PreciseFill do the work..

De Odorizing

Slide’n Store™ full-extension freezer baskets Deeper design of basket maximises storage space. Slide’n Store™ full-extension makes accessing the back of the freezer basket an easy task.

Anion Function

AutoEnergy saver
Senses freezer and fresh food door openings and adjusts the refrigeration operation cycles accordingly, keeping your food fresher for longer.

Anion Function

GE slim water filters
Removes chlorine, lead, cysts, mercury, and many other contaminants. By reducing contaminants and odours, we provide cleaner and fresh tasting water and ice. The new ‘slim’ version optimises use of the refrigerator space.

*Note : Features for individual models may vary.