GE Split Air-conditioners

Like all GE appliances, our air-conditioners are amongst the best in energy-efficient systems, with GE quality, reliability and innovation as standard features! Choose from a range of 5 and 3 star energy-efficient air-conditioners - each one is amongst the best in domestic comfort!

Product Range

5 Star

5 Star Split ACs

5 Star


AE Series

3 Star

3 Star Split ACs

3 Star


AE Series


Auto Clean

Auto-clean: Breathe pure, healthy air always. The auto-clean function, when activated, runs the drying function for several minutes removing dust, impurities and completely drying the evaporator coil. This results in removing/ inhibiting any bacteria or mildew growth inside the Air-conditioner.


Intelligent De-humidification: The intelligent de-humidification system operates the Air-conditioner in cooling and fan mode, alternatively resulting in optimum de-humidification without under or over-cooling the space. Thus giving a better sense of comfort while saving energy.

4 Way

4-way Swing Mode: Fully motorized horizontal and vertical swings ensure an equitable 4-way distribution of air resulting in uniform cooling across the room.

Jet Cool

Jet Cool: Extremely rapid cooling to bring you instant relief from heat in just a few minutes.

Auto Resta

Auto-Restart: Save yourself the hassle of resetting the Air-conditioner after a power outage. The Air-conditioner restarts automatically with its previous settings when the power returns.

Lytic Enzyme

Lytic-enzyme PP HEPA Filter: Traps up to 99.97% of all particles larger than 0.3 microns, reduces bacteria by up to 99%, and acts as an effective filter against both Influenza A and B type bacteria.

Silver Ion Filter

Silver Ion Filter: Sterilizes the air completely by removing microscopic dust particles, exterminating fungi and eliminating unpleasant smells.


I-feel Function: GE Air-conditioners come with the temperature sensor installed right inside the remote and not in the indoor unit. Thus it indicates the temperature around you (and not of the return air at the indoor unit), providing you the most precise and comfortable setting.

Blue Fin

Blue Fin Heat Exchangers: The double coated fins having the first layer of anti corrosion coating & the second layer of hydrophilic coating to prevent formation of large water droplets, increase the product life while maintaining efficient working condition, year after year.

Sleep Mode

Sleep Mode: Saves energy by gradually warming or cooling to match your body metabolism helping you sleep comfortably.

24 Hour

24-hour Timer: Program the functioning of your GE Air-conditioner for the entire day.

Health Function

Health Function: Having a feeling that the room is very dusty and unclean? Simply press the ‘Health’ button in the remote to activate the healthy functions available in your Air-conditioner and regain the freshness and comfort immediately.

De Odorizing

De-odorizing Filter: Now enjoy your favorite food in the bedroom or play with your pet without worrying about the residual odor. The active carbon de-odorizing filter removes unpleasant odors and deactivates harmful chemical gases keeping room fresh and clean.

Anion Function

Anion function: Discover the same freshness in the air that you breathe in parks in the early morning. The positive Anions released from the Air-conditioner eliminate bacteria from the air by up to 99.98%, generating fresh, pollution-free air.

*Note : Features for individual models may vary.

Advantage GE Air-conditioners
GE Advantage

Discover a new level of energy efficient comfort cooling. The high Energy Efficiency Ratio of GE Air-conditioners ensure that they consume less energy resulting in higher monthly savings for you.

Low Running

GE Air-conditioner draw one of the lowest running currents as compared to other leading air-conditoner brands, there is negligible effect on the working of other appliances due to lower surge when the air-conditioner is started.

Safe Products

All GE Air-conditioners have passed the GE internal safety review checklist relating to design, configuration of parts, electrical safety, fire hazards, child tempering access, and many more, making them one of the safest air-conditioners in the world.


GE Air-conditioners fully comply with GE Toxicity Policy and meet the specific requirements based on the hazard evaluation of the materials used in production to prevent toxic hazard to consumers. The GE C&I Toxicity Policy is related to but distinct from universally acceptable standards for hazardous substances like RoHS and REACH making GE Air-conditioners one of the safest and most environmentally friendly air-conditioners in the world.